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Information regarding the tickets for school children, students of higher educational establishments may be obtained from Larisa Petrovna Selikhova 8-903-882-3237, (4862) 44-25-52 доб. 202

The Crew

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    Maria Alexandrovna Mikhaylova

    Maria studied at Oryol Arts College from 1994 till 1997, the Department of Graphic Design. In 2004 she graduated from Betsalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Department of Ceramics and Glass Design. Since 2007 she has been working as a stage designer at “Free Space” theater.

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    Sergey Viktorovich Puzyrev

    Sergey is a director and a theater actor. He graduated from Oryol Institute of Culture and Arts, class trained by A.A. Mikhaylov (2000-2005). He has been working with “Free Space” theater since 2005.

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    Svetlana Albertovna Shchekotikhina

    She graduated from Orel branch of the Moscow State institute of Culture in 1984. She has been teaching at the Department of choreography since 1984, since 2000 she has been a senior lecturer of the Department. Svetlana has been working as a choreographer in the theater since 1999. Svetlana has been a Head of the Department of Choreography of Oryol State Institute of Culture and Arts since 2011.


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