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Orel Theater for Young Spectators was born on December 26, 1976. It started with a fairy tale “Touch-me-not” written by L. Ustinov (directed by Kirill Filinov). The founder of the theater and its Chief director for 8 years was Yuriy S. Kopylov. He came to Orel with an artist Stanislav Shavlovsky and a group of actors from Krasnoyarsk.

They were joined by a group of graduates from Leningrad institute of theater, cinema and cinematography and a young director Boris Tseitlin. The first theater manager was Grigory S. Kolykhanov.

The first performances “Cruelty” by P.Nilin, “Kolonists” by Makarenko, “The twelfth night” by W. Shakespeare, “Fierce Gascon” by A. Dumas directed by Y. Kopylov, “The third rocket”by V. Bykov, “The Glass Menagerie” by T. Williams and others stirred great interest of spectators of all ages. Directors’ innovative approaches and Shavlovsky’s unusual stage designs, vivid personalities of the actors D. Evstafyev, V. Kushnarev, E. Gamburg, E. Ouspenskaya, Zh. Khruleva, A. Erin, A. Polyak, V. Zaporozhsky, A. Dubovitsky, E. Kraynaya, N. Trofimova – everything pointed to the fact that a new highly professional theater came into being in the city of Orel.

A new period of creative evolution is marked by a new Chief Director Alexander Mikhaylov who came to Orel in 1987. His first solid piece of work was the staging of “Adam and Eve” by M. Bulgakov that had never been staged before in Russia. Young Nonna Isaeva, and more experienced Vladimir Kushnarev, Vladoslav Trakhtenberg, Vladimir Krasheninnikov acting in the play, it was highly appreciated by both spectators and critics as being a performance with a potent emotional effect. In 1988 the play was a great success at the festival devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Theaters for Children and Youth. In 1991 Mikhaylov got a prize as the Best Director and V. Krasheninnikov as the Best Actor at Kiev Theater Festival devoted to 100th anniversary of Bulgakov. The Theater for children and young spectators again inspires interest to its new performances. The plays directed by Igor Kucher stir up debates. The plays “Eugenia’s dreams” and musical “Candid” directed by A. Mikhaylov raise heated disputes. The theater limits its interests to the inner world of a young human being who faces a cruel world of grown-ups and in 1990 it gets a new name “Free Space”.

-​ This is a life wide open for a young person;

-​ This is a stage open for experiments;

-​ This is a meeting point for free people – artists and spectators.

In 1992 the theater goes on a tour to California, USA presenting Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by R. Kipling, and in 1993 “Rikki” is heartily welcomed at the festivals in La Coruña and Gijon, Spain. At the international festivals in Novgorod in 1993 and in Dnepropetrovsk in 1994 the performance got the grand prizes, actors M. Ryzhikova and G. Laskina, A. Boyadzhi got the prizes as the Best Actress and the Best Actor. In 1994 in California there was a premier of the play “White Fang” by J. London (director A. Mikhaylov, choreographer O. Nikolaev, stage designer I. Tkachenko, composer B. Kiselev, stage movement director Shchukin) that becomes kind of a trademark of. the theater. This musical and plastic apologue about a Man, a Wolf and Nature was a success at the theater festivals in Turkey, Israel, the USA, Russia, Spain. “White Fang” was an opening performance at the International festival in Rostov-na-Donu within the world congress Assitej with the participants from 60 countries and in November-December the theater participated in large international festivals in Vittorio, La Coruna and in Madrid.

Directors from different countries come to put up shows on the stage of the theater. American colleagues from California Theater Center produce “Tom Sawyer”(directed by G. Kornelison, Lin Pace), Spanish director Carlos Erans staged the play “The Process of the donkey’s Shadow” by Dürrenmatt, English director Guy Holland put up “The Power of the Thought” by N. Sheppard, American director Shannon Edwards made a production “Arkansaw Bear” by Harris. The plays directed by the directors from Saint-Petersburg excite great interest, “The Mistakes of a night” (production of G. Tskhvirava) and especially “Monsieur de Pourceaugnac” (production of the laureate of state prize G. Trostyanetsky). In 1999 in Novgorod the performance “The Thirteenth Star” (written by Olshansky, directed by Mikhaylov) got the prize as the Best Performance for Youth, “Toibele and her Demon” by Zinger (directed by Mikhaylov, stage design by Korolev) got the prize for the Fine Stage Culture at the festival “Theater without borders” in Magnitogorsk.

For the 200th anniversary of Pushkin the theater makes a production of “Little Tragedies” (directed by G. Trostyanetsky, stage designer S. Zograbyan). The production participates in the festivals in Pskov, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Orel; it excites great interest of the theater critics and Pushkin scholars as well as of the young spectators.

It is the measure of the success of the productions made in 1990s that the energy of the young actors is joined with the experience of the mature actors, Vladislav Trakhtenberg being one of the latter. He is the father of many distinctive roles – Creon (“Antigona”), Ponchik-Nepobeda (“Adam and Eve”), Jourdain (“Looby Jourdain”), Bear (“Arkansaw Bear”, Rabbi (“Toibele and her Demon”), Fraskatti (“Violet on Monmartre”), Valsingam (“Little Tragedies”).

Since 1996 there has been a class of students trained to be professional actors by A. Mikhaylov. They study at Orel Institute of Arts and Culture. The graduates of this class work in the theater and in the theaters of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.



Nowadays the theater productions list offers shows for the spectators of all ages, plays by Russian and foreign classics, experimental shows of the modern drama. From 2005 to 2010 the theater organized the program "European Seasons in Orel", each season being devoted to one of the following countries' drama Italy, Germany, Poland, France. Drama by Gozzi, Goldoni, Moliere, Musset, Makiaveli, Pirandello, Brecht, Mrożek was successfully staged in the theater. Russian classics is represented with Ostrovsky's. Turgenev's, Chekhov's and Leskov's drama.

A. de Musset's No Trifling with Love  directed by G. Trostyanetsky and R. Ilyin, A. Stasyuk's "The Night" directed by G. Trostyanetsky and R. Ilyin, R. Gallego "White on Black" (directed by G. Trostyanetsky, choreographer S. Shchekotikhina), E. Schmitt's "Oscar and the Lady in Pink" directed by A. Mikhaylov, M. Dunaevsky and M. Bartenev's "Scarlet Sails", A. Zhurbin and A. Eppel's 's "The Drayman and the King", Brecht's "The Threepenny Opera", O. Bogaev's "Marieno field", original shows directed by choreographer O. Nikolaev "Jesus" (by Webber), "Letters of Memory", G. Gladkov and G. Gorin's "Til", "The Stolen Happiness" by I. Franko, "There were tears larger than eyes" by M. Tsvetaeva, "The Artist and Love" by E. Balakin are the most meaningful productions of the recent years.

One of the major directions of the theater creative work is represented with the shows that are rich with dances and music: "Song about Bumbarash", "Jesus", "Westside Story", "The Violet of Montmartre", "Paris Life". The theater often participated in international festivals in Saint-Petersburg, Voronezh, Ryazan, Magnitogorsk, Ekaterinburg, Novgorod, Kiev, Moscow, Kharkiv, Warsaw, Madrid, Alacati (Turkey), Haifa (Israel), in Ukraine, Belarus, France, Spain, USA, Lithuania, Moldova. The shows for kids "The White Fang" by J. London and "The Great War of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi"  by R. Kipling got a number of prestigious international awards. In 2009 the show "No Trifling with Love" represented Russia at the Festival of Comedy in Gabrovo (Bulgaria). In June 2010 musical drama "Alcestis " by Euripides (composer I.Chrisanidi, director A. Mikhaylov) opened 14th International theater festival "Ancient Greek Drama" in Cyprus (the show was on in ancient amphitheaters in Pafos, Limasol, Nikosia). In 2011 the show "White on Black" by R.D. Gallego (direced by G.R. Trostyanestky) successfully participated in program "Maska Plus" of the "Golden Mask" festival in and in "Mart Contact" festival where it won grand prize.

Established authorities on the stage Honored actors and actresses of Russia N. Isaeva, E. Shigapova, V. Lagosha, M. Ryzhikova, N. Rozhkov. V. Krasheninnikov work side by side with the graduates of the acting class of the Institute of Arts and Culture (principal of the class is A. Mikhaylov) S. Naryshkina, M. Kozlova, M. Artemyev, S. Ivanov, S. Puzyrev, D. Litvintsev, S. Kozlov, V. Zhilina, R. Bilyk, I. Ageykina, Y. Grigoryeva. Both Russian and foreign directors successfully collaborate with the theater: G. Trostyanetsky, B. Tseytlin, A. Kanevsky, S. Losev, Lorenzo Loris (Italy), Guy Holland (England), Carlos Errans (Spain). The ties with our Polish colleagues are being developed.

Directors from Italy, England, Poland, Ukraine, Russia come to work in the theater. In 200 the theater had two shows on the stage of Warsaw theater "Studio" opening the year of Russia in Poland. "The Slaughterhouse" by Mrozek directed by G. Mruvcinsky and "Doctor!!!" by Chekhov directed by A. Mikhaylov were acclaimed by critics and spectators in Warsaw.

Since 2010 Free Space Theater has been the founder of the International festival of chamber and solo performances "LUDI" that hosts shows from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Lithuania, Israel and other countries. The Festival is held with the support of the International Theater Institute, UNESCO.


In 2012 musical by A. Zhurbin "The Drayman and the King" was the winner of the award "Fiddler on the Roof" presented by the Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia/ Director A. Mikhaylov together with the performers received the award at the stage of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses in Moscow. Later the show has been successfully performed at the stages of many cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland. .

Within the theater season 2015-16 solo performance of an actress Valeria Zhilina based on Marina Tsvetaeva's writing "There were tears larger than the eyes" participated in international tehater festivals in Saint-Petersburg, in Kishinev (Moldova), in Hannover (Germany), in Lithuania, in festival "Theater divertissement" in Israel. The show was twice performed in Marina Tsvetaeva's memorial house in Moscow. At Orel international festival of chamber and solo performances "LUDI" this show directed by A. Mikhaylov got the grand prize.

The theater constantly goes on tours. Within the last several years there were tours to Belarus cities of Mogilev, Vitebsk, Grodno, Gomel, Minsk, to Reims (France), Warsaw (Poland), to Ukraine (Poltava, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and other cities), to Russian cities of Elista. Volgograd, Voronezh, Ryazan, Bryansk. Vladikavkaz, Kostroma, Krasnodar, Taganrog, Maykop, Stavropol, Smolensk, Lipetsk, Kursk, Tambov.


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